Safe-Deposit Boxes

Valuable documents and irreplaceable family heirlooms should not be kept unprotected in your home.  Safe-deposit boxes provide protection, from both theft and fire, for your most important and treasured items.

Safe-deposit boxes are available at MEFCU's Cascade Lake, Canal Place, and 41st Street office locations in various sizes, at competitive rates.

Contact the credit union today to open a safe-deposit box and enjoy greater peace of mind.

Box Size (Inches) Fee*
3 x 5 $24/year
5 x 5 $30/year
3 x 10 $35/year
5 x 10 $45/year
7 x 10 $60/year
10 x 10 $70/year

*Annual fee automatically deducted from savings or checking upon lease of box.