First Lien Home Equity

Refinancing sounds great to you, but doesn’t make sense due to cost?  Perhaps we can help!

If you have more than 20% equity in your home, you may be able to refinance your home with a First Lien Home Equity Loan.  This loan allows you to refinance your mortgage, but with only a few hundred dollars in closing costs!

This is the perfect loan for those with significant equity in their home, and want to refinance to take advantage of a lower rate while avoiding the closing costs of a traditional mortgage refinance.


First Lien Home Equity Loan Fixed Rate202/17/2017
Maximum Loan to Value Maximum Term Annual Percentage Rate As Low As1 Loan Limits3
80% 10 years 3.45% Min $5,000
Max $200,000
80% 15 years 3.75% Min $5,000
Max $200,000
1Actual rate is based on applicant's credit history.
2Rates are accurate as of specified date and are subject to change without notice.
3Closing costs ranging from $0 - $1,000 may be charged for a Home Equity loan.