Finance FusionFinance Fusion Chart Example

Finally, a Personal Financial Management tool that allows you to examine your entire financial life in one safe location.  This powerful program automatically loads all of your MEFCU accounts and allows you to add your accounts from thousands of financial providers worldwide... all for free.

Gain a full grasp of your entire financial life with MEFCU's Finance Fusion!


Creating a budget for your entire financial life is simple in our new system.  Follow these steps, and you can have a full grasp of your finances in no time...

1. Sign in to MEFCU's new Online Banking system (not yet a user, enroll now).
2. Click on Finance Fusion.
3. Click on 'Spending Reports' and 'Set Budgeting Goals.'
4. Specify your budget goals across multiple categories, or the overall monthly income or spending amounts. 
5. Subscribe with one click to receive category spending threshold alerts and reports!

Another excellent, free service from MEFCU.