four women holding oversize check to donate to women's shelter

With cloth masks, staff volunteers, and staff contributions we were able to support the Rochester Women's Shelter and Support Center during a critical time.

Mayo Employees Federal Credit Union (MEFCU) presented a $2,000 donation to the Rochester Women’s Shelter and Support Center (WSSC). As it became increasingly clear, cloth masks would be a necessity for all staff in the midst of COVID-19, two MEFCU staff, Becky Seavey, Chief Financial Officer, and Sarina Feddersen, Senior Teller offered to make masks and in return staff could “purchase” them for a donation to the WSSC. Additionally, staff that already had a mask could also contribute. In all, between MEFCU employees and a MEFCU donation, $2,000 was raised for the WSSC!  

Shelter in place means members of our community in unsafe home environments are at higher risk for domestic abuse. The WSSC is available to anyone experiencing domestic abuse or in an unsafe situation. The COVID-19 pandemic is increasing the need for WSSC services. MEFCU is proud to support this vital resource in our community! 

Presenting the check to Artyce Thomas, Executive Director of WSSC, are Becky, Sarina, and Sue Palen, Executive Vice President of MEFCU and Board Member of WSSC.