Solar Loans

Solar panels are a great way to harness the energy of the sun while saving on electricity and contributing to a sustainable future. Our solar loans make it easy to finance your project and take advantage of this technology.

Save money with sustainable power

Installing solar panels can pay you back in as few as 7 years. Many solar panel systems are warrantied for up to 25 years. Once installed, solar panels need little attention to keep making power.

We are proud to partner with CU Green® to provide financing for solar panel installation. Visit to see if solar might be for you.

Loan options

Solar Loans

Secured loans using your solar equipment as collateral.

Loan amounts up to $50,000

  • 5, 10 and 15 year fixed rate available
  • Rate is dependent on credit history
  • Available in all states except for Hawaii and Alaska

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Home Equity Loan

This loan allows you to leverage the equity in your home to fund your solar equipment. 

Flexible loan amounts, $20,000 and higher

  • 5, 10 and 15-year terms available
  • Great for people with built-up home equity, or larger projects
  • Rate is dependent on credit history, and may be lower than personal solar loan
  • Available in all states except for Hawaii and Alaska

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