Man filling up car with fuel

Lots of little tricks can add up and help keep you on the go!

It’s no secret that there has recently been a hike in fuel prices at the pumps. Everyone is digging a little deeper into their pockets to pay for a tank of gas. But fear not! Here are ten simple tips that can end up saving you a pretty penny on gas:

  1. Shop Around - This is probably the biggest and easiest thing you can do to save a few dollars, even if it means driving a few miles out of your way. You can use apps like GasBuddy, which finds the cheapest gas in your area to make the process even easier.
  2. Combine Multiple Errands Into One Trip - This one is simple. Fewer trips out on the road mean less gas used. Keep a running list nearby, on your phone, or your fridge for things such as groceries and other household necessities so that you can avoid making special trips for just one or two items.
  3. Use Cruise Control - When out on long stretches of road, use cruise control. It has been proven that it can save gas while out driving.
  4. Purchase A Vehicle That Gets Great Gas Mileage - Simply put, if your vehicle gets great gas mileage, you’ll spend less time and money at the gas pumps. Whether it’s time for a necessary upgrade or you’re in the market for a vehicle that gets better gas mileage, we offer great rates for Vehicle Loans.
  5. Keep Your Tires Inflated - It is imperative to keep the tires of your vehicle inflated to the manufacturer's recommendations. In states where it gets particularly cold during the winter season, your tires can drastically lose air pressure, so make sure you check on them regularly! Keeping them at the correct pressure can increase your gas mileage and save you money.
  6. Join Gas Rewards Programs - Many local grocery and convenience stores offer loyalty card discounts that will save you money on gas. So, while you are out buying other necessities, you can also save money the next time you’re at the pump.
  7. Join a Warehouse Membership - Most warehouse stores offer gas that can be significantly cheaper at their pumps than at a standard gas station. However, warehouse memberships do cost a fee, so make sure you do the math to figure out if the cost of the membership is worth the potential savings.
  8. Stop Buying Premium Gas - Not buying premium gas can often save more than fifty cents on a gallon of gas! Now, some vehicle manufacturers recommend getting the gas with the highest octane rating, which is premium gas. Make sure you are not buying premium gas for a vehicle that does not need it!
  9. Fill Up Earlier in the Week - Monday is usually the day of the week with the cheapest gas, so try and top off then. Weekends are typically the most expensive days of the week for gas, so try and avoid filling up then at all costs.
  10. Turn Off Your Car While Waiting - Lastly, if you are sitting around waiting in your car, turn it off. This can save a lot of gas and money over your vehicle’s lifetime.

We hope at least one of these tips helps you save more the next time you need to fuel up. Need more ideas on how to save more in your overall budget? Feel free to reach out to our Financial Wellness Counselor to schedule a time to meet, virtually or in person.