Cascade Lake Campus Expansion

We're expanding our home office of Cascade Lake! This expansion will allow us to continue supporting a vast array of products and services for our members as well as provide the space for even more growth. Get the latest project updates right here and watch our building site transform over the next few months. The anticipated completion date for the new building is fall 2022.

May 2022 Update:

Take a virtual tour of the Cascade Lake Office Construction Site! We recently filmed a tour so you can see how construction at our Cascade Lake location is progressing. If you’ve driven by, you’ve probably noticed that the exterior is coming along nicely, but significant progress has also been made inside the building. Offices and rooms have been framed up, doorways are installed, and sheetrock work has begun. Watch our video tour to see more:

 As the credit union has grown, so has the need to make room to support MEFCU’s continuous growth. The new building will house MEFCU support department staff and feature a member and staff education conference room with easy access. The additional space will allow us to continue supporting a vast array of products and services for our members who are located across the nation. Project completion is currently scheduled for fall of 2022.

February 2022 Update:

Scaffolding now surrounds nearly half of the Cascade Lake Expansion, as the construction crew begins to enclose the outer walls. Cinderblock, bricks, glass and aluminum will make up the outer walls. In the meantime, plastic curtains have been raised to enclose the building so that it can be heated and interior concrete floors can be poured.


January 2022 Update:

At the beginning of the new year, many truckloads of structural steel were dropped off at the Cascade Lake construction site. Over the next two weeks despite the cold weather, the entire framework of the building was put into place bolted and welded together. Giant sheets of plastic were also put over the stairwell and elevator towers, providing a warmer environment for the construction workers.


December 2021 Update:

Great weather throughout the fall has helped construction crews make tremendous strides on our Cascade Lake Campus expansion. Both stairwell and elevator towers are nearing completion of the 3-story building. The next big step in the process will be the structural steel being put in place followed by the roof. Over the coming weeks, truckloads of structural steel will start arriving and construction crews will begin building a framework of steel beams and columns.


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