Visa Gift Cards

Eliminate the guesswork and give the gift everyone wants! Our Visa gift cards are a convenient and simple choice for busy shoppers. With a variety of designs, including holiday options, there’s something for everyone. Use your Visa gift card everywhere that Visa is accepted, for a convenient option that is more secure than cash.

Purchase a Visa gift card by visiting any one of our locations. Cards may be purchased in any amount from $10-$1,000, and the cost is $2.95 per card. To check balances and review transactions, view your account information online.

Reloadable Gift Cards

We also offer reloadable gift cards, which provide a great option for people who want the convenience of a debit card, without being tied to a checking account. You can order the cards at any of our locations; they are personalized with the cardholder name and mailed out in 7-10 days.

It costs $5 for the initial order and you can load any amount from $10-$5,000. You can choose your own PIN number after creating an account and logging in online, which enables you to use it for signature and PIN-based purchases without a fee. You may also use your card and PIN at an ATM however, please be aware there may be ATM fees that apply.

Lost or Stolen Gift Cards

In order to report your gift card as lost or stolen, please call (833) 729-2843. Additionally, if you believe that there have been unauthorized transactions made to your card, please call as soon as possible.

If lost or stolen, available funds can be transferred to a new card. You will need to come into any location to receive a replacement and a $10 fee will be deducted from your balance to close and replace a lost or stolen card.